Students That are selected In Year 2015

Students That are selected In Year 2015

Students that we selected in year 2015 are now in the selected college or school. Let see what they are saying about this scholarship.
1. Alxander John: He 20. From a US. In 2015 he got Us Finance Scholarship and now he is living a happy life, because all of his expenditure is now in hand of Us Finance Scholarship.

2. Graham Lee: Graham Lee is A German, who is now studying in US top college. He got this cholarship based on his excellent track accord in academics. He express his views about this scholarship as "This scholarship fund your dream, it fulfill your every dream and you can get you you opt for."

3. Imtiaz Ali: Imtiaz Ali is an Indian, who perform well in his academics and have no money to pay his education and to perceive a career in United states. He got this scholarship and now he feel thank full for this scholarship. "Hope such type of scholarship will be given to more students in India and Other poor Countries"

5. Lepa John:  Is an American who got this scholarship, she is very hard working and well deserve girl to get this scholarship. 

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