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The PDK Educational Foundation awards more than 30 scholarships each year to prospective educators, with awards ranging from $500 to $2000. These scholarships are funded through the generosity of donors. PDK uses one application for all Prospective Educator Scholarships.
Important Dates
Applications open January 2, 2018. The application deadline is April 2, 2018.   
Apply Now!
PDK Prospective Educator Scholarships are available for high school seniors as well as current undergraduate students. PDK International is a family of education associations, which includes  PDK International,  Educators Rising, and Pi Lambda Theta.  To be eligible for a scholarship, you must be a member of at least one of the associations:
- PDK International, a professional association for educators that works to cultivate great educators for tomorrow while continuing to ensure high-quality education for today. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to  join us  in this important work.
- Educators Rising,  a  free  membership organization for precollegiate young people exploring the path to great teaching and the adults directly supporting them on their journeys. If you are not a member, you can join Educators Rising for  free.
- Pi Lambda Theta, a prestigious honor society serving to recognize outstanding preservice and practicing educators.  If you’re pursuing a career in education and have an undergraduate  cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, you’re eligible and can  apply for membership today.

Submission Requirements
  • Completed Online Application form.
  • Transcript(s) as evidence of your academic success. (Please save it with a file name starting with your last name, e.g., Jones_transcript.pdf.)
  • Personal Statement, no longer than 500 words, sharing a story about yourself that relates to why you want to become a teacher. Consider sharing about a personal challenge you’ve overcome, an experience with a teacher or other adult who inspires you, or other experience that supports your decision to become an educator.
  • List of activities where you have worked with others in a teaching or learning capacity, including any education-focused clubs or organizations you belong to, as well as service activities or clubs, noting any leadership roles you have held.
  • List of other significant extracurricular activities, such as employment and sports, not mentioned above, noting any leadership roles you have held.
  • Letter of recommendation written by a person familiar with your academic abilities and school activities, and who can address your interest in teaching and the qualities that will make you a successful educator, including your gift for teaching, motivation, relative maturity, integrity, independence, originality, initiative, enthusiasm, leadership potential, capacity for growth, and special talents.  (Please save it with a file name starting with your last name, e.g., Jones_letter.pdf.)
Questions? Check out our Scholarship FAQs or email us at  scholarships@pdkintl.org.

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