PTP Memorial Scholarship Award


What criteria must be met in order to apply for one of two $1000 awards?

A candidate must
1.  Be graduating from high school in the spring of the current school year; public, private, parochial, and home schoolers are welcome to apply.
2.  B
e a resident of Charles, Calvert, or St. Mary’s county in Southern Maryland.
3.  H
ave a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B average) as verified by an official transcript, and grades from at least 2 grading periods of the applicant’s senior year.
4.  H
ave participated in the performing arts in some capacity.
5.  H
ave been involved in community service in some capacity.
6.  S
ubmit all application materials by the deadline as noted on the application.

If selected to receive the PTP Memorial Scholarship, the applicant must provide the Port Tobacco Players, Inc. with a letter of acceptance from an accredited college or university, before the scholarship will be awarded.

How will the applications be judged?
1.  A committee consisting of members of the Port Tobacco Players, Inc. will review applications for the Port Tobacco Players, Inc.  Memorial Scholarship Awards.  This committee will make the final decisions.  One or more alternates may be named in the event that a winner does not utilize the award.
2.  A
ll applications will first be judged upon meeting the above criteria.  Failure to satisfy any of these requirements will cause the application to be eliminated from further consideration.
3.  A
s an organization, the Port Tobacco Players, Inc. strives to represent artistic excellence and community service.  Therefore, applications will be judged with an emphasis placed on past or present involvement in the performing arts (theater – performance and technical, music, dance) and community service.  Participation in any aspect of the Port Tobacco Players, Inc. will be given additional consideration.
4.  T
he content of the applicant’s essay will be considered next, with additional consideration being given to the following:  awards and honors received; involvement in work, sports, scouts, or other clubs/organizations; neatness of application.

OTE:  Letters of Recommendation will not be considered.  If necessary, the committee will contact one or more of the three references that the applicant provides in his/her application.

Deadline is May 1

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